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(215) 580-7145 for information
(215) 580-7700 to schedule a trip
(215) 580-7720 to cancel a same day ride
..or visit SEPTA's website at:

Transportation available:
Community Transit of Delaware County, Inc. is a subcontractor to SEPTA and provides transportation under SEPTA's Customized Community Transportation service. This service provides trips to customers registered with SEPTA on a space-available basis. This service is provided door-to-door by advance reservations, with limited driver assistance. SEPTA provides this service to individuals who are functionally unable to use regular fixed route transportation for some or all of their mobility needs. Eligible individuals can travel whenever and wherever SEPTA's fixed route transportation operates.

How do I qualify?
You must contact SEPTA at (215) 580-7145 and request an application.

What will my transportation cost?
If you are approved by SEPTA to travel as a passenger on the Customized Community Transportation Service, your one zone base fare will be $4.00 for each one-way trip.

Customers may pay with:
$4.00 cash
2 tokens plus $1.00
A Zone 2 or higher TrailPass

A $1.00 inter-county charge may apply for any trip traveling more than three miles into an adjacent county.
A $1.00 zone charge may apply for distances beyond 10 miles for trips beginning or ending in suburban counties. The charge is rounded up to the nearest 10 miles.