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Effective Monday, June 8th Community Transit will no longer call passengers upon the driver’s arrival. This means that you must be ready to take your trip when the driver arrives for you. 

When you schedule your appointment, your customer service representative will give you a pick up time. This pick up time has a 30-minute window, or time period, within your requested scheduled trip pick up time that a driver may arrive. This means that the driver will not arrive at an exact time, but rather arrive within a 30-minute window and be considered on time. For example, if you request to be picked up at 11 a.m., your ride will be scheduled to arrive between 10:45 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. and be considered on time. You must be ready to board the vehicle at any time within your 30-minute pick up window time. 

Drivers are required to wait a total of 5 minutes upon arriving within the pickup window. Once the driver has completed the wait time, they will continue on their route and the passenger will be considered a no-show. Passengers who no-show on the outgoing portion of the trip will have the return trip, as well as any other portions of that trip, automatically canceled. The passenger must call in to dispatch if the return ride is still needed.

All passengers will receive an automated call the evening before their trip informing them of their pick up time. Passengers need to be ready for the bus 15 minutes before and 15 after the designated pick-up time.

For the latest updates on Community Transit, please visit this website. If you should have any questions please call Community Transit’s Customer Service Department at 610-490-3960 Monday through Friday.