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Within the next two months Community Transit will begin using new transportation software. Using modern computer and mobile data technology, this new system will improve our service and on time performance.  Making a major change is never easy, and although we have prepared diligently for this transition for the past year, unforeseen problems can happen.  If we hit some bumps in the road during this transition, we ask everyone to be patient.  We will do everything we can to resolve any issues that happen and will try to make this transition as seamless as possible. 

Consumers who pay for their transportation services may notice a change in the cost of their fare. Community Transit’s fare structure will reflect actual trip distances instead of assigning a flat rate for trips from one “zone” to another.  Trip distance and cost will be automatically calculated when a trip is scheduled and your Customer Service Representative will advise you of your fare when you schedule your appointment.  Under the mileage-based system, some customers could see their fares decrease from current rates while others will pay more.  Also be advised that we will no longer be able to collect round trip fares.  The exact fare must be paid each time you board our vehicle. 

In order to correctly establish your fare, when calling to schedule an appointment, you must have on hand the EXACT address (including the Zip Code) and telephone number of your destination.

For the latest updates on Community Transit, please visit this website. If you should have any questions please call Community Transit’s Customer Service Department at 610-490-3960 after 12 Noon Monday through Friday.